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Ashampstead Parish Council

Agendas & Minutes of Ordinary & Extraordinary Meetings 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 and the Annual Meetings held in May 24.


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Minutes on an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday 22nd May 2023 at 7.03pm


Present:  Councillors R Fisken (Chairman), A Dick, R Butler and G Light          


In attendance:  Paul Thompson (Clerk), James Hole of Yattendon Estate and three


1.     Apologies:  None


2.     Declaration of Interests: None


3.     Matters Arising from the Ordinary Meeting held on 6 March 2023: There were none.


4.     Police Matters:

Councillor Alex Dick advised that he had reported the fly tipping on Whitemoor Lane to the landowner. It had also been reported to WBC. Alex also advised that he was to attend a meeting of The Thames Valley Police Rural Crime Group on the following day (23rd May).


5.     Footpaths and Byways:

It had been proposed that a dog waste bin should be placed at the junction of byway 25 with Palmers Hill. With the Landowner's agreement, the Clerk was asked to purchase a bin and arrange its installation. He was also asked to make arrangements for it to be added to the waste collection contract with WBC. Once installed the Clerk was asked to publicise the fact in The Leaflet and on the websites.


At this point our new District Councillor Laura Coyle joined the meeting. The Chairman welcomed Laura and adjourned the meeting so that Laura could say a few words.

Laura advised that she lived in Streatley and was therefore well aware of the problem with potholes in the area. The new administration hoped to address these and other problems. It was intended that letters would once again be sent to neighbours informing them of planning applications. Laura advised that she would support the Parish Council where there were concerns over particular applications and call these into committee, if appropriate. Laura said that she is happy to attend meetings and provide information and support. The Clerk confirmed that he would advise Laura of the future meeting dates.       


6.     Roads:

Litter pick: The Chairman confirmed that the litter pick in April had been a great success. It was a better time of year to carry this out as the verges were not overgrown.

Maintenance: The Clerk was asked to report further flooding in Dog Lane. He advised that we can report potholes in other areas of WBC via their website.


7.     Planning Applications:


23/00220 & 00221/LBC - Blorenge House, Holly Lane:  Formation of bedroom and en-suite together with new staircase and installation of new wood burning stove, flue and replacement windows in the coach house. Awaiting a decision from WBC.

23/00487 - Winton House, Aldworth Road:  Detached garage. Awaiting a decision from WBC.

23/00511 and 23/00512LBC - Pyt House, Aldworth Road: Single storey extension to create kitchen, together with internal alterations. Awaiting a decision from WBC.


The Clerk commented that decisions were seemingly taking a longer time than usual. District Councillor Laura Coyle advised that staff shortages were causing problems.


8.     Open Spaces Review:

Parking/fencing at The Green: It was agreed that the lay-by may need to be moved and possibly shortened, subject to the position of the turnaround which would probably be set opposite Field House. Councillor Alex Dick would take the matter forward, liaising with the Clerk. It was agreed that rustic fencing would be used for the whole length with a movable rail to allow access of the grass cutting contractors

Memorial trees: The Chairman will follow up the arrangements for planting these trees on the western side of the recreation ground.

Dog waste bin on the recreation ground: Councillor Graham Light confirmed that the bin was seemingly being emptied although it was not included in the recent invoice from WBC. The Clerk was asked to investigate.    

Playground: No maintenance required.

Grass: There have been complaints regarding the recent grass cutting. It was thought that the contractors had allowed too long a gap between cuts. The Clerk was asked to raise the matter with the contractors.

Tree maintenance: Councillor Graham Light will ask Michael Cairns to look at the tree on the Green to ensure that no maintenance is necessary.


9.     Community Infrastructure Levy Reserve:

Update: The Clerk confirmed that £6,926.13 is currently held. Councillor Graham Light advised that he was having difficulty in persuading suppliers to install just one item of playground equipment but will continue with the project.


10.   Finance:

The Clerk explained that it was too early in the year to produce a financial report. The payments schedule was approved and signed by the Chairman.

Donation requests: Donations under section 137 were made to Ashampstead PCC £250, Ashampstead & Aldworth Leaflet £100 and West Berkshire Citizens Advice Bureau £25. 


11.   Any Other Business:

The Clerk was asked to forward the advertisement for his replacement to Councillor Rita Butler for inclusion on the websites.

The Clerk was asked to purchase gifts for former Councillors Colin Butler and Tony Keeley.


12.   Date of Next Meeting: 3rd July 2023


13.   The meeting closed at 8.12 p.m.


14.   Parishioners' Questions: There were none.

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