Ashampstead Recreational Trust

Registered charity number: 300113

Ashampstead Recreational Trust’s charitable objectives are the provision and maintenance of the Village Hall and recreation ground for the use of the residents and the immediate neighbourhood without distinction of political religious or other opinions including use for meetings, lectures and classes and other forms of recreation with the object of improving the conditions of life for our residents.

The Trustees are all volunteers and give their time enthusiastically to meet the Trust’s objectives. However, it is heavily reliant on the support of parishioners to keep financially sound. There are several ways you can help:

  • Support Village fundraising events such as Pub Nights and special occasions at the Village Hall

  • Book the Village Hall for your family events

  • Spread the word to people outside the village that we have an excellent village hall and recreation ground

  • Give us your suggestions about events that will help us raise funds

    If you are willing to volunteer a bit of time to help us with an event or keeping the hall and grounds maintained that would be fantastic. Contact Les Billing: or Trudi Butcher:

Agendas and Minutes of meetings can be seen below.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Ashampstead Recreational Trust

held on the 9th July 2018 at the Ashampstead Village Hall at 7.00pm


Present: Les Billing (chair), John George, Caroline Butler, Alan Ellender, Trudi Butcher, James Bartlett, David Slack


Members of the public present: None


1.     Apologies:  None


2.     Confirmation of Notice:
It was confirmed that the notice of meeting was published two weeks prior to the meeting date.


3.     Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting:
The minutes were approved were approved by the Trustees.


4.     Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018

The accounts have been audited by Andrew Sivyer. The Trustees would like to thank him for doing the accounts. James has given him some wine as a thank you.

There was a small deficit of £242 as there had been fewer events and ART made a loss on the village party. The Bonfire Event made £1,426, but hall hire dropped over the year. The cash on deposit is £18,290 and cash in the bank is £15,296. James will eventually move this sum to earn some money, either to COIF or Charifund units, but will keep these funds accessible in the short-term as we will need to pay for the floor repair and for legal fees regarding Flower’s Piece.

Trudi proposed adoption of the accounts, which was seconded by Caroline.


5.     Chairman’s Report:

Les mentioned the successful events held to help maintain the hall, which comprised the annual quiz, bonfire event, the Watermill’s ‘Nesting’ and monthly Pub Nights, some of which incorporated ‘added extras’, such as film nights. The Trustees would like to thank everyone who helped to organise these events. Unfortunately, the annual Winter Party had to be cancelled and carried a cost as we had to recompense the magician.

Hall hire was slightly down last year, but still contributed to the running costs. ART will need to come up with some more money-raising ideas.

The committee room floor needs to be repaired as damp has meant some of the floor joists have rotted.

Les thanked the committee for their continued hard work and dedication.


6.     Appointment of Committee of Management:

Chairman - Les, proposed by Trudi, seconded by David

Treasurer - James, proposed by Les, seconded by Caroline

Secretary - Caroline, proposed by Trudi, seconded by John

Trustees  - John, proposed by James, seconded by Alan

                 - Alan, proposed by David, seconded by John

Ex officio for Lord Illiffe - David

PC representative - Trudi


7.    Declaration of Acceptance by Members:

All trustees signed the declaration.


8.     AOB:  None


The meeting ended at 7.30pm.


Notice of Annual General Meeting

to be held in Ashampstead Village Hall

at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 9th July


To conduct the following business:


  1.   Apologies

  2.   Confirmation of publication of notice of the meeting

  3.   Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

  4.   Treasurer’s report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018

  5.   Chairman’s report

  6.   Appointment of Committee of Management

  7.   Declaration of Acceptance by Members

  8.   Any other business