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Notes from Ordinary Meetings & Minutes of Annual General Meeting June 2022 to May 2023

Notes from Minutes of the Meeting of the Ashampstead Recreational Trust

held in Ashampstead Village Hall on 9th March 2023 at 7.30pm


Present:             Les Billing (Chair), Caroline Butler, Graham Light,  James Bartlett,  John George, Grant Tuff and Trudi Butcher.                               Also present: Helen Bartlett, Ashampstead Arms ‘landlady’.

                             Apologies for Absence were received from Paula Walton and James Hole           


The following matters were discussed:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

1.           Village Hall

              a.           Village Hall Electrical Upgrade:

                            Electricians, DJ Scott, will be appointed to sort out the electricity cupboard in the kitchen.

                            The LED bulbs will be replaced at a later date and ART is hoping to install a smart meter to read the
                            electricity usage before and after each event so they can recoup the cost of the electricity from the hirers.


              b.           Painting Hall Doors and Men’s Toilet:
Caroline will ask her painter to quote the job.


2.           Village Event in honour of the King’s Coronation

               It was decided to make the village event a special Pub Night, starting at 6pm with a glass of  ‘fizz’ and a barbecue.


3.           Playground Update 

              The Parish Council has kindly agreed to buy the climbing frame from CIL money.  The remaining proposed
              equipment will be added once the money has been raised.


              James B has added £250 from the fireworks event and £400 donation from Jaione Pagazaurtundua Alberte’s
              employers, Microsoft, towards the cost of the playground project.


4.           November Pub Night

              It was decided not to hold a Pub Night in November, as it tends to clash with Bonfire Night events and few people
              come.  Trudi will speak with Mary Calvert to see if the Village Quiz can be reinstated later in November instead.


5.           Insurance

              Grant asked whether we need to have the play equipment inspected for our insurance to cover us and whether this
              means we can get a reduced rate.   He will look through the paperwork.


6.           Trees on Flowers Piece

              Graham will check the trees on Flowers Piece for loose and dangerous branches as the last time any work was done
              on the trees was in 2015, although they were checked in 2018 and nothing was found.  If necessary, Graham will ask
              Michael Cairns to quote for any necessary work.


7.           Date of Next Meeting

              Monday 24th July.  The AGM will be held at 7.00pm, followed by an Ordinary Meeting at 7.30pm


               The meeting concluded at 8.45pm

Notes of a Meeting of the Ashampstead Recreational Trust

held in Ashampstead Village Hall on 23rd January 2023 at 7.30pm

(postponed from the 16th January 2023, due to absences and illness)

Present:             Les Billing (Chair), Caroline Butler, Trudi Butcher, John George, James Bartlett,
                             James Hole, Graham Light, Paula Walton and Grant Tuff

                             There were no apologies for absence     


The following matters were discussed:                


1.           EIectrical Work in the Village Hall 

              Having received a quote from DJ Scott, it was decided to update the distribution boards and
              replace lights throughout the hall if additional funds can be obtained via the Parish Council.


2.           ART Finances 

              a.           ART recently received a £400 donation from a Jaione Pagazaurtundua Alberte whose
                            employers allocate money towards charity work undertaken by their employees.  The money will
                            be put towards renovating the children’s playground.  ART’s grateful thanks goes to Jaione.


              b.           The recent Bonfire Event made a small profit of £250, which means ART had no need to use any of
                             the £4,000 AFLOS money held in reserve.


3.           Review of Bonfire Event held on Saturday 3rd December 2022 

              This was held to be successful, despite fewer people attending and will be repeated on the 
              2nd December 2023.   


4.           Increase in Cost of Electricity for the Village Hall 

              The hall’s current fixed rate will end at the end of November 2023, which means ART will have to find
              another way to recover the cost of the electricity used by people renting the hall now that the coin-
              operated meters are no longer there.  Suggestions are:

              .             that ART takes a deposit which is returned, less the cost of the electricity used, once the meter is  
                            read before and after the event

              .             that there are different tariffs for summer and winter usage

              .             that renters state on the Hire Form any high output items, such as kettles, the urn, heating and the
                            cooker they intend to use and an additional charge is made with the hire fee

              To be discussed further at the next meeting.      


5.           Flower’s Piece

              a.           The Children’s Playground

                            It was suggested that ART removes the fence down and replaces the climbing frame as soon as possible via the
                            CIL from the Parish Council.  Any remaining equipment can be bought once any potential additional funding
                            has been received.


              b.           Flower’s Piece Memorial for Jane Rowland

                            It was suggested that a cherry tree be planted as a memorial to Jane Rowland, who died in
                            October. The Jubilee apple tree also needs to be re-sited.  The suggested site is on Flower’s Piece
                            near ‘Crowcroft’ with other trees or on the Green. 


              c.           Dog Bins

                            Due to the increased cost of emptying the dog bins, one has been taken out of action by the
                            Parish Council.  The remaining bin will be monitored by the PC.


6.           Replacement ART Trustees 

              Owing to two people, including the Chairman, stepping down from ART, there is a need for new members.
              It  was suggested that a better demarcation of jobs – eg applying for grants, organising workmen etc.
              would help this process.


7.           Fundraising Events for 2023 

              a.           The King’s Coronation Festivities 6th - 8th May 

              After discussion of several options, it was suggested that the village holds a special ‘Coronation Pub
              Night’ on Saturday 6th May.  James B will ask Helen Bartlett, the Ashampstead Arms’ landlady, for
              her ideas.                                                                                                                                               


              b.           Bonfire Night -  2nd December


              c.           Annual Village Quiz

              Mary Calvert to be asked if she would be willing to organise the annual village quiz this year.

8.           Any Other Business
                      The Newbury Weekly News has asked to write a short piece about the monthly Pub Night and the Trustees were happy
              to agree.


9.           Date of Next Meeting
               Thursday 9th March at 7.30pm.


The meeting ended at 9.37pm.

Meeting of the Ashampstead Recreational Trust

 held on 12th July 2022 at Ashampstead Village Hall

at 7.30pm following the Annual General Meeting at 7.00pm


Present:     Les Billing (chair), James Bartlett, John George, Caroline Butler, Trudi Butcher and Graham Light   


The following items were discussed:


1.     Village Hall Updates: 

         EIectrical Work – this is still outstanding.  The contractors will be approached to see if their quote is still valid.

         Replacement Gentlemen’s Toilet – the toilet has been replaced and the walls will be repainted.


2.      Playground Fence Quote:

         A quote of £10,319 for a non-maintenance, powder-coated fence has been received and ART will need to
         raise the money for this.


3.      Replacement Marquee:

         This was bought in time for the Jubilee Celebrations.


4.      ART Finances:

         Over the year April 2021- March 2022, ART’s total income was £18,475.After expenditure, which included hall
         refurbishment, hall maintenance, hall running costs, licences and bonfire outgoings, ART is left with a surplus
         of £7,368 for the year.

5.      Jubilee Celebrations Update:

         This was a very successful day and many people attended.  Despite this not being a profit-making event, ART
         was left with a balance of £177.65 profit, which will be allocated to the playground Good Exchange
        fundraising effort. 


6.      Funding for the Playground:

          It was suggested that ART allocate a budget of £27,000, to include a new fence, playground equipment
          (possibly including a new climbing frame and and an adult multi-gym). Residents will be given a link in the
          Leaflet if they would like to contribute to the playground fund which, hopefully, will be match funded and allow
          the Trust to improve the playground.


7.       Future Fund Raising:

          The following suggestions were made:

           .             Village Quiz

           .             Pub Nights to include food/entertainment

           .             A Gigaclear event to promote Gigaclear services.

           .             Gaming night for the youngsters with refreshments (probably pizza)

           .             Silent disco

           .             Village pumpkin challenge (in 2023)

           .             Dahlia competition in September or October

           .             Bonfire Night on the 3rd December


8.       Trees and Undergrowth on Flower’s Piece:

           Yattendon Estates to be asked to cut back the undergrowth, which is protruding by about 3 to 4 metres onto 
           Flower’s Piece.


9.        Date of Next Meeting: Monday, 26th September 7.30pm


           The meeting ended at 9.12pm  

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