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Road:         Wallingford Road, Streatley  between traffic lights by The
                   Bull PH and junction with Wantage Road

Dates:        Monday 15th May to Tuesday 27th June

Times:        Constant

Reason:     SGN to replace gas supply infrastructure

Access:       Residential access maintained. Blue light access via 
                   diversion only.
Enquiries:   SGN on 0800 912 1700

Plan of Works:

Road:         Palmers Hill and Holly Lane, Ashampstead

Dates:        Thursday 9th June

Times:        7.00am to 7.00pm

Reason:     Surface dressing

Access:       Residential access restricted or delayed. Blue Light access                     under supervision only.
Enquiries:   Nick Coulson 01635 519887

Plan of Works:   ref SD02


None reported at the moment

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