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The Parish Council consists of six Councillors who each have a lead responsibility as shown below on the current list of Councillors. All Councillors, on acceptance to the Council, sign an Acceptance of Office form and an agreement to the Code of Conduct. The Clerk is employed by the Parish Council and it is the Clerk’s responsibility to attend and minute all meetings whether Ordinary, Annual or Extraordinary. The Clerk is also the main point of contact for residents.

Ordinary Meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September and November. Annual General Meetings are usually held in May and Extraordinary Meetings can occur at any time when an issue, usually Planning, arises that needs to be dealt with swiftly. Recent legislation states that all planning, whether straightforward or controversial, must now be reviewed and discussed by a quorum of Councillors who will hold a meeting at the Village Hall.


Notices of all these meetings are pinned to the notice board at the western front edge of the recreational ground, printed in ‘The Leaflet’ and posted onto our website.

Meetings are held in the Jubilee Hall and usually start at 7.00pm. Residents may attend any of these meetings and voice their opinions or raise concern on specific matters.

The Parish Council's accounting and reporting year runs from 01 April to 31 March.

To access Parish Council archives relating to all meetings, please click on button >

Councillors               Lead Responsibilities

Roger Fisken            Chairman & Defibrillator

Alex Dick                  Vice Chairman & Police Matters

Colin Butler              Footpaths

Rita Butler                Website

Anthony Keeley        Planning

Graham Light           ART representative

Contact details:

The Clerk (Paul Thompson)

Farthings, Holly Lane, Ashampstead, Berks RG8 8RR


'phone:  01635 579205

District Councillor

Alan Law

District Council:  West Berkshire

Ward:  Basildon

Party:  Conservative


'phone:   01491 871146

mobile:   07973 538008


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